dr nicole quinn

Our treatment goal with any patient that enters our office is always to improve their overall health and wellness. The first step in this process, many times, begins with reducing and eliminating their symptoms ( e.g. pain, inflammation, swelling, muscle spasm).

Therapeutic modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction, hot paraffin, cryotherapy (ice) and heat are often used as an adjunct to spinal and extremity adjustments to help speed the reduction of these symptoms.

Electrical Stimulation Modality is used to reduce muscle spasm and also has a pain sedating effect.

Traction is used to reduce gravity's compressive affect on the spine and discs. Cryotherapy (ice) is used to reduce swelling and inflammation along with providing a local anesthetic action.
Therapeutic modalities are used to help speed the reduction of symptoms while the cause of the condition is corrected.

Without correcting the cause of the condition, the condition continues to occur over and over AND continues to get worse and worse.