dr nicole quinn

Kids Need Chiropractic

Dr. Quinn feels there is a growing need for primary health care providers who use natural methods which are safe, effective, and without side effects, especially for developing children. Many parents turn to chiropractic care for their children. Many more parents are bringing in their children soon after birth to have their spines checked; these babies are not sick!

But, these parents realize that the birth process itself may place stress on the developing spine. They don't want to wait until symptoms develop and there is a problem! Instead of using drugs, Dr. Quinn works with children's bodies to help strengthen their immune systems and heal. She is educated in the common illnesses of children and knows how to use gentle chiropractic adjustments to relieve nervous system stress and allow the body to heal. Dr. Quinn is a big advocate of preventative chiropractic care. You don't wait until you child's teeth are rotting before you take them in to the dentist, do you? So why should you wait until your child has a spinal curvature, earache, asthma, allergies, or ADHD before you take them in for a chiropractic check up? Prevention is the key! Because the nervous system controls and coordinates many functions in the body, regular chiropractic care starting at birth helps children to grow up HEALTHIER and HAPPIER! Even "normal" births can cause trauma to the spine, especially the neck and cranium of the newborn. When forceps, vacuum extraction, or cesarean section is used, the trauma increases. Your baby's spine will grow 50% in that first year, making it very susceptible to injury. Your child's spine must also develop curves in the neck and low back during that first year in order to continue growing properly in childhood. After that first year, the child's activity level increases, which may subject the spine to repeated physical trauma. Look at a child who's learning how to walk. Can you imagine falling on your butt so many times a day? And have you seen older children playing on the playground? Those repeated stressors can cause vertebrae to misalign and affect spinal health. Children love to come to our office, the hardest part is getting them to leave! Dr. Quinn will use her gentle kid friendly techniques to care for your children.

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