At Total Family Wellness, we believe that wellness begins with making good health care choices. We serve patients of all ages and stages, with a special focus on women's care. Women are guilty of putting everyone and everything before their own health concerns, and when they take the time to take care of themselves, women can provide better for their families.

Pregnancy is the most important time in woman's life to be under Chiropractic care. Dr. Quinn is certified in a prenatal technique to relieve intrauterine constraint and allow for a more comfortable and relaxed pregnancy. Kids love to get adjusted, and we love to see the changes that Chiropractic offers our pediatric patients. Chiropractic is proven safe and effective for children. Dr. Quinn is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and stays up to date on the new research and updates in the profession. If you are seeking care for wellness or a specific ache or pain, Dr. Quinn has the experience and ability to assess your concern and provide the best care for you. Give us a call for a FREE consultation with Dr. Quinn and get started living a healthier happier life! (843) 641-7075